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Tennis league and tournament management. Online, on your phone and on paper.

Tennis App in action

League management

Create and run your league online and on your phone. Build your categories and rounds in advance or week by week. Supports singles, doubles and even teams.

Email and text your players

Avoid no-shows by bulk emailing and texting players before a match. Alert players when an evening is canceled because of rain.

Print & PDF

Using technology doesn't mean getting rid of paper. Save player rosters, booklets, results, etc to PDF. Print them to paper.

Tournament management

Create and run single elimination tournaments online and on your phone. Seed rounds and publish results. Results are always live and in real time.

Mobile app

Run your league or tournament using Tennis App App on your iPhone or Android smartphone. Players can use the app to enter their own results.

Website integration

Player rosters, match results, brackets, etc belong on your website. Integrate all of this directly in your existing website.

Goodby Excel!

"Previously I used Excel to manage my league. It was painful to publish results on the websites. With Tennis App, I save so much time. The system is great and a joy to use."
Pierre Vézina, Veterans Interclub Montreal

Contacing players simplified!

"Using Tennis App, I blast emails and text messages to 16 players in just a few clicks when matches are cancelled because of rain. It saves me so much time and players love it."